Things to note 〰️

All rugs have been thoroughly cleaned. Age-related wear, such as fading, dye migration, + patina are considered normal in these unique, handmade vintage rugs. All pieces have been photographed with moderate natural light. i.e. colors may appear to be duller or less saturated in artificial lighting. Please do not rely on a color search to determine the color of your rug; Colors may vary depending on YOUR phone or screen settings. With colored fringe, the fringe may fade in color or even turn white. Moroccan rugs, traditionally only have tassels and fringe on one side. Some items may not be perfectly straight, symmetrical, rectangle, or even have a slant. We consider these characteristics part of what makes them truly non-duplicatable and one-of-a-kind. All our of our rugs are listed as NEW, as they have been reconditioned, cleaned, and certified and no one has used it since. Some rugs will show white knots throughout, which is normal in an aging process. Each rug listed on our site is wool on a cotton foundation or it is wool on a wool foundation, unless it is a rug from our exclusive Hemp Rug collection. All of our rugs are low pile or a flat weave, unless it is a textile from our Moroccan line which will be medium to high pile.

Please note what it means to buy a vintage rug, it means there may be an odor (that will fade) and that has nothing to do with the the cleaning and everything to do with the fibers of the rug. This can be especially present in the warmer months.

All of our textiles, rugs and pillow covers, are approximate to the nearest decimal. Example 1.5 ft does not mean 1 ft 5 inches, but means it is 1 ft and 50% of a foot which converts to 1 ft and 6 inches. Please keep this in mind when choosing the perfect JVM rug for your space.

Pillow covers do not come with an insert. They are decorative covers made out of vintage textiles and may have imperfections such as, but not limited to, snags, dye migration, loose threads. Because our covers are decorative, they will not be soft wool therefore may be itchy and rough.

Look at all pictures thoroughly before purchase.

We are able to keep our costs as low as possible for several reasons. One being we have no "fluff" in our packaging. This means you will not get a cute ribbon around your rug, or a mass printed "Thank you" note slipped into your order. Your order will likely come wrapped securely in recycled goods, with as little waste as possible. We truly are grateful for your support, but choose to add special touches in other ways.

Extra small discounts are given if payment is taken via Venmo (friends+family aka not marked as a product or service), Zelle, or Cashapp. Please message us on Instagram to inquire with the link of the rug you are interested in.

Most of our rugs can be shortened in width or in length at no extra charge, as long as it does not compromise the rug. This can only be done with a JVM rug prior to it being shipped. Please contact us for questions about this service.

All applies to our Holiday Vintage Stocking Collection. Our stockings are made from textile fragments so snags, loose threads, small holes may be present. Because these are handmade, the stockings may not be the exact same shape from stocking to stocking.